Melot Law – Client Testimonials

Richard Howe

Highly recommend. John did a wonderful job for me on a workers comp case, he understood what was needed and how to do it and got a really good outcome for me.

Linda Molsbee

John Melot has been my attorney for almost 10 years. He has handled several cases for me including auto accident cases. He got full policy limits for me in every case. I am so glad that I call him with a problem and let him handle it! I cannot recommend him highly enough! He gets the job done!

Emily Luther

I found John Melot after an auto accident that totaled my new car, and left me dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. They were avoiding my calls and giving me nothing but the run around. After I hired Mr. Melot, I was able to …

Toby Gravatt

John worked countless weeks and went above and beyond to get my settlement for my accident and did so successfully! Not only is he great at his profession, he is now someone that I would call a friend. I would highly recommend him to anyone …

Andrea Kelly

John Melot is an excellent lawyer. We were in a car accident last year. Our new car totalled and in need of medical treatment, we were left unsure of what we could do financially. A friend recommended John and we went see if he could help. …

Dorita S

Mr. Melot did an outstanding review with my husband’s work injury. My husband’s employer was being rather “not so nice”, then we heard about John. He handled everything effectively and as quickly as possible. He got us everything we could …

CeJay Bonner

John Melot did a great job with my case he explained how the whole process worked. He worked hard on my case and kept me informed throughout my case. John went above and beyond of what was asked he was professional and kind. John Melot is the only attorney I will use.

Melisa Bennett

Mr Melot is very professional, personal, direct, dependable, and gets excellent results to your case. I would highly recommend Attorney John Melot !

Bradford Myers

John Melot is an extremely helpful, sympathetic, and diligent worker’s compensation attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend him or utilizing his services again.

Kenneth Albertson

John was very professional the entire time I worked with him. He helped me get all I thought I deserved for my care, comp. and settlement. I never had to do anything, he took over my case and did all the work and running around. He will …

Mindy Guerrero

Always calls back

Rhonda Ketcham

We would recommend John for any Worker’s Comp case. He is very knowledgeable in the process. He helped my husband get the maximum amount he could receive in his case.

Christi McRee

On January 11, 2013- a friend was in a serious motorcycle accident. The old lady that hit him had little to no insurance coverage. My friend spoke with several attorneys that said it was a waste of time to pursue. Then we heard about John …

Amanda Canada

Sooo glad I consulted with John. I had met with two other attorneys before I met John and I knew once I heard what John had to say that he was going to represent me. I was immediately impressed with his personable personality and legal …

Michael Tracy

Great Bankruptcy Attorney.

Chewy Ong-McLain

Very professional


Mr. Melot was great. I was involved in an on the job truck accident and he knew just what to do. The process ended up being easier than I ever could of hoped for. I wasn’t sure if it could really be done but he knew just what buttons to push and when. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has an accident /workers comp case.

Angela D

John Melot has done legal work in setting up a trust, he has done an excellent job, and above all is always a pleasure to work with….